Git & GitHub Workshop

A practical approach to Git and GitHub

Date: 15 – 16 May 2021 (2 Days)

Community Sponsor: HackitTech


Agenda of the workshop

Get the basics of GitHub

In the starting section, you’ll get to know about the basics terminologies related to Git and GitHub

Going Ahead

In this section, you’ll learn about some advanced key concepts of these and the main differences between Git and GitHub.


In this section, you’ll get to know about the terminologies related to contributing to some real world projects through GitHub and other platforms.

Perks of the workshop

Certificate from the EntwicklersX community

Get recognised with the certificate of participation of Git & GitHub powered by EntwicklersX.
The certificate will be verifiable through our online verification portal (coming soon).

Ultimate understanding of all concepts

We, at EntwicklersX, focus on learning by doing. During the workshop, you'll be given time to practice, implement and ask queries so that you can get ultimate understanding of all the concepts.

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