Journey to Competitive Programming [Art. 1]

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Competitive Programming, the term which encounters to every ongoing or pass-out college individual. Many students pass-out from their respective college without exploring this glorifying field.

This article is to bring you about the aspects and influences of Competitive Programming in One’s Career! But, here we are not only going to give you the pro’s and con’s of CP but also going to make your bullet more lethal by taking the responsibility of sharpening this skill.

Before diving into this ocean, Let’s discuss first, the benefits of CP because majority junta here interested in that–xD

  • CP makes you to think logically about the problem in the heated and tense environment.
  • Always you’re going to solve a problem in the most optimized way because of time constraints & space constraints.
  • Your DSA knowledge is going to add on with the amount of practice you put in CP.
  • Now, main mudda is that CP is ultimately the path for Tier 3 college students to get into the FaaNG! (Do comment in section what you mean by FaaNG).
  • You can easily be referred by anyone who is working in Corporate sector, If you have good rating on competitive platforms.
  • Going to help in exams like GATE(although this not forms majority portion).


  • Time given is directly proportional to Growth in CP.
  • You may find that you’re lacking in exploring the other technologies and projects.

Chalo ab aage chalte hai, that How one can start with CP?

The answer to this question lies in the question itself-(IRONY, although NO-xD)

People have to start doing CP and to be precise not only start but should do it consistently because that only going to show you the results.

Here the Journey of CP is bifurcated in steps So, that you can reach to your destined/desired destination.

STEP 1:-

Learn any one language [C, C++, Python, Java]. I would personally prefer C++ (because of its fast compilation time and widely used language in CP].

From where to do it?

  • You can take Old convention path of learning from books like Let Us Learn C++ but I wouldn’t recommended this.
  • See the below video of C++ tutorial, you would go fine.

But wait guys just take this advice of mine that you can’t master the all syntax of C++ in one go, So just learn the basic syntax and understand their meaning and do procced with the next step without wasting much time on this. Just make sure you learn basic syntaxes for output, input, loop etc,

Soon, Connect you with the Next Article!

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