As the technology is growing rapidly over the decade and it has left its impact in every field. Hardly will you find a business which is left untouched. Even it had largely affected the shopping. From clothes to furniture people prefer buying over internet. It’s so convenient for them to go through thousands of product just sitting at home. Groceries too are introduced now on digital marketing. 



We are living in the era of digitization and everything is now getting over internet, so why to leave grocery stores behind? An online grocery store is a grocery store that allows us to order online the grocery items.  There is usually a delivery charge for such services. It is available mostly in urban areas. We order through e-commerce websites or mobile apps and it is delivered within the days by a delivery person.

Things influencing grocery store

People have been purchasing grocery mostly physically. Grocery isn’t any object like CD, footwear or book; people prefer buying grocery only after inspecting them. Also when one can buy them from near store why to order online. There has been a lot debate about it. But still with the changing time, people now prefer them ordering sitting at home. It also benefits them and saves their energy and time.

How retailers take grocery store online

Several e-stores are now introducing grocery as their product too.  Grocery store isn’t usually very tech-savvy but now it has reached new heights. Let us see how digital marketing is making its way to grocery industry.
  • Partnership
Whether through partnerships or investments retailers acknowledge that innovation isn’t a one-man show. Big companies are collaborating with the smaller grocery marts and overtaking their business turning them online and tap into the growing online grocery market.
  • Branding
Grocery marts in order to sell their product they need to be identified. They often collaborate with big firms and under their name sell the products.
  • Delivery
Two or more day delivery might be fine for other categories, but when it comes groceries consumer is most likely to expect the product on the very same day. It is the prior responsibility of the shopper to make sure the product is delivered faster on time.

Need for Digital Marketing

Here’s a list of the benefits grocery stores gains from digital marketing
  • Brand awareness
Digital Marketing makes the store a brand; people now know the stores through internet and advertisement. Further they become a brand.
  • Increase the business profit
As many people get to know the shop, they business increases rapidly and profits the store.
  • Target marketing
Digital marketing provides a clear access to the stores about the demand of the consumer.
  • Improves online visibility
It helps customer to view a large variety of products just over a mobile application or a website selling groceries.
  • Consumer centric
Since it helps the store to know the demands of customer, helps the store customize their product according to customer.

Offline vs online

Let us here do a comparative study of online and offline stores and know what is promoting the online grocery stores.
  • Variety
Offline stores provide more human touch and are limited with the products whereas online stores provide a great range of products and freedom of choice.
  • Time
Offline stores makes the customer to come out of their house and often they have to visit shop to shop for the suitable product which consumes a lot time whereas online stores are just over their phone and the product is only a tap away.
  • Digitization
The decrease in the cost of the internet, easy access and the rise of smart phones are rapidly boosting the online grocery selling platform. Also, the online stores have a large number of product lists and price range to select from. Whereas the offline stores are still hanging on to their traditional way of doing business. They are facing tough competition from online shopping options for consumers day by day.


Consumers now a day are looking for speed and convenience when grocery shopping. They expect more innovation in grocery stores and they are seeking technology that will create a frictionless experience and faster service. Here are few ways to make the online grocery stores more innovative.
  • Voice ordering
voice ordering

With Google assistant, Alexa and Siri; people now prefer ordering their products through voice control. This made ordering further easier for the consumer.
  • Robots

Companies are using robots for delivering the products. This made the service quicker. They also use robo-arms to arrange the boxes and lessen the human load.
  • Delivery options
Online stores are now providing the options for the consumer whether they want their product to be delivered in person or no human touch or they wish to pick the product from a nearer store.


In this digital era, nothing can flourish without the influence of technology and the internet. Grocery store is such an example. It provides the service 24/7. A variety of products with different price range is available for the customer with faster delivery. The statistics of customer using online method is increasing with days passing. They are now satisfied with online stores and avoid market rush. Just relax and product’s at home.

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